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webjunki himself

What you see at this web site is a fair representation of my design capabilities.  I am a dedicated professional with the skills to develop any type or style web page you need.  I can also create custom logos and other graphics for any variety of projects including all print media and overhead cels for business presentations, bible studies, seminars and  as well as slides.

All of the graphic images on this web site were created by me unless otherwise noted. Known by my peers as the Webjunki. My personal philosophy is this:

Being a dedicated Christian first then an artist, I believe God gave me this talent. Yes I developed it, but God created the clay and has been molding it for more than 60 years. I have to answer to a higher authority (Jesus Christ) and both our names are signed to my work. Therefore, I do my best as a way of saying Thank You to a Living God who loved me enough to save me. I'm not dogmatic about it, but I am honest, and I don't play games or argue about my faith. If you want to know more, just ask.

The following will help you understand my rate structure:

(These rates are for basic projects and are subject to change depending on the complexity of the work required.)

Simple text based logos start at $50

Text based logos with an image start at $75

Complex text manipulation and design (i.e., Image Maps) start at $150

Animation can be incorporated into almost any image for about twice the base rate.


Banners & buttons start at $50 (ask about special discount for custom nav button sets that follow a color or design scheme.)

Single Web Pages start at $150 (Plus the cost of scanning or custom design work) Each Web Project is unique and packages are custom designed. I can either quote a specific price for a package if you know EXACTLY what you want or charge by the hour if you don't. The first 2 hours of consultation is provided at no charge if I am contracted to build the site. Otherwise my consulting rate is $75 per hour with a 2 hour minimum.

One last note: I won't do a CHEAP page so don't ask. The Internet is filled with CHEAP pages and my heart aches for those who had to pay for them. There is a lot of competition to do web pages and the truth is still the truth, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!
Knowing the mechanics of web authoring doesn't make you a web designer any more than walking into a garage makes you a car...

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